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: You choose the home, we take care of the loan! At Ezy Loan Hub, we will guide you through the process of analysing and choosing between various home loan options to ensure that you are making the best decision for your future.

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Emergencies can happen at any time, including when you don’t have any spare money. You may also be stuck in an inconvenient situation where you need extra money to finance a large purchase, pay for your family’s vacation, or fund your child’s education.

One way to resolve this is through a personal loan. Getting a personal loan is a great way to easily address your financial needs because it is an unsecured loan, has lower and often negotiable interest rates, has easy repayment options, and offers fixed interest repayments.

At Ezy Loan Hub, we have a team that can help you get in touch with banks, finance firms, and private loaning entities that can provide the money that you need for your situation. We also work with migrant families and the diverse community by helping them secure personalised and flexible loans.

Types of Home Loans :

Type Description

Standard Variable Loan

This is the most popular type of home loan in Australia. The interest rates of a standard variable loan change over time because it is based on a benchmark interest rate or a periodically changing index.

Fixed Loan

A fixed loan has an unchanging repayment cost, no matter how much the interest rates change in a given period. This setup is usually applied to the first five years of the loan.


Introductory loans have discounted interest rates for the first six to twelve months of their term. After this, the rate reverts to standard variable rates.

Line of Credit

This type of loan allows you to withdraw from a predetermined borrowing limit, which you can use to pay your home loan each month. You just need to ensure that you make the regular necessary repayments.

Low Doc

Low doc loans are usually chosen by self-employed individuals because they don’t need to show their proof of income. They also need to show less documentations compared to when applying for a loan with a bank.

Interest Only

When you opt for an interest-only loan, you only have to pay the interest of the amount you borrowed for the first five years of the loan. Once you’ve paid off the interest of your loan, only then will you begin paying for the principal amount.

Split Loan

Splitting a loan allows you to divide it into two parts—variable and fixed. This means that you can allocate a portion of your loan to have a fixed interest rate while the remainder could have a variable interest rate.

Other Personal Loans We Offer :

Type Description

Personal Loans

Fund your unexpected expenses or emergency financial needs by getting a personal loan.

Bridging loans

With a bridging loan, you can easily bridge the financial gap between the sale of your new home and the purchase of a new property.


Pay for your existing home loan by acquiring one with a lower interest rate or monthly repayments.

Construction Loans:

Finance the construction of your home or real estate project through progress payments instead of lump sums.