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Refinancing refers to the process of taking out a new loan with a better interest rate in order to pay your existing loan. It can be done with your current lender or through a different one. This practice is best for people whose situations unexpectedly changed, making their existing loan infeasible. 

Our team at Ezy Loan Hub is here to connect you with reputable banks, finance firms, and private loaning entities to help you refinance a loan. You can also rely on us to provide you with professional advice and the right financial plan to ensure that your refinanced loan will not get you deeper into debt.

What You Need to
Know About Refinancing


The main reason for refinancing a loan for most people is to pay out and replace an existing loan. However, there are other uses to this practice, including the following:


In addition to its various uses, refinancing also offers several benefits. Some of them include the following:


One of refinancing’s drawbacks is paying interest on your existing balance for a longer period. There might also be times when the short-term costs of refinancing exceed long-term savings, which might put an individual in deeper debt.

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