Business Loans

At Ezy Loan Hub, your business is our business. Our team can help you secure a business loan so you can go through with starting or expanding your company.

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Financing Your Dreams Made Ezy

Starting or expanding your business may be one of your life-long goals. However, this step requires a substantial amount of money. If you do not have the financial resources to fund your dream, do not lose hope because Ezy Loan Hub is here for you.

We are a loan brokerage firm with a team of professionals ready to help you secure a business loan to allow you to accomplish your goals. Our team also helps migrant families and the diverse community in securing personalised and flexible business loans to finance their dreams and improve their livelihoods.

Type of Business Loans :

Type Description

Fixed Business Loan

Repayments for this type of business loan are set against a fixed interest rate. This means that the interest rate will stay the same throughout the term of your loan.

Variable Business Loan

The interest for a variable business loan changes as the market interest does. Although this type of business loan allows for more flexibility, there is less certainty regarding future payment costs.

Split Business Loan

Acquiring a split business loan allows you to divide your loan into two parts—a variable and a fixed portion. This type of business loan is beneficial if you want to adjust your repayments depending on your needs and situation.

Types of Business Loans We Offer :

Type Description

Commercial Loans

Fund your business’s major capital expenditures and operational costs without shelling out a lot of money by getting a commercial loan.

Truck Loans

Purchase a truck, van, or other types of commercial vehicle for your business easily with a truck loan.

Equipment Financing

With equipment financing, you will be able to purchase the right machinery to keep your business running.

Franchise Loans

Finance the acquisition of a franchise with our help. Our team will help you in securing a franchise loan from reputable banks, finance firms, and private loaning entities.