Franchise Loans

Getting a franchise loan can be great if you think that franchising is the best way that you can get into the business. Our team at Ezy Loan Hub can help you secure a loan so you can finance your franchise, royalty fees, inventory, and working capital.

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Making Franchising Ezy for You

A franchise loan is a type of financial assistance provided by lenders to help individuals jumpstart or expand their businesses. Most business owners utilise the money from this loan for the franchise license fee, which allows them to use the name of the franchisor in providing products and services.

At Ezy Loan Hub, we work with experienced and starting entrepreneurs by helping them secure the right franchise loan and assisting them with financial planning.  We also connect them with established finance groups that specialise in funding franchise starters whether they are in an urban, regional, or rural area.

Most importantly, we understand the challenges that migrants and new settlers in Australia face. That is why we take extra steps in ensuring that they have the financial assistance that they need when they enter the business world.

More About Franchise Financing

Acquiring a franchise is a great way of starting a business because it is a proven business model. You would also have the opportunity to use the name of the company you are franchising, meaning you don’t have to spend much time with the branding. However, this kind of business venture can be quite expensive.

To help you with starting a franchise business, our team at Ezy Loan Hub will assist you with loan assessments. You can also count on us to examine the value of the franchise system and identify the type of loan that best suits your needs.

Types of Business Loans We Offer :

Type Description

Business Loans

Fund your dream of starting or expanding your business with our help.

Commercial Loans

Fund your business’s major capital expenditures and operational costs without shelling out a lot of money by getting a commercial loan.

Truck Loans

Purchase a truck, van, or other types of commercial vehicle for your business easily with a truck loan.

Equipment Financing

With equipment financing, you will be able to purchase the right machinery to keep your business running.